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Explore the Rhythms of Colombia
Photo Credit To Tia Stephanie Tours

Explore the Rhythms of Colombia

Explore the Rhythms of Colombia

Tia Stephanie Tours, a pioneer in the development of cultural music and dance journeys to Colombia, recently announced the addition of Rhythms of Colombia to their current offerings to the South American country. The new tour coincides with the nation’s latest tourism campaign, Colombia: Land of Sabrosura. In short, without a direct English translation, sabrosuracan be described as positive vibrations and happiness which can be seen in the Colombian people. The influential music of Colombia will without question hit you with feelings of sabrosura.

Colombia’s vibrant and diverse music is largely responsible for the country’s appeal and distinctiveness. Music’s influence on travel and cultural understandings is the motive behind the initiative lead by ProColombia, the national tourism board.

“Music is more than a collection of sounds. For the people of Colombia, our diverse sounds communicate the stories of our culture and our people. Music and dance are essential to who we are and how we see the world”, says Vice President of Tourism, ProColombia, Julián Guerrero Orozco. “Through our latest tourism campaign and with the support of partners such as Tia Stephanie Tours, we want to welcome our international travellers and share Colombia’s story through our beautiful and inspiring rhythms with the world”, adds Orozco.

“Tia Stephanie Tours has been pioneering these Music and Dance tours and we are so excited that now even ProColombia believes that music is so important in the arena of travel and global understanding. It is one of the most important cultural expressions of Colombia,” says Founder & Owner of Tia Stephanie Tours, Stephanie Schneiderman. “The combined efforts between ProColombia and Tia Stephanie Tours will give participants the opportunity to enjoy a truly educational and engaging travel experience while gaining valuable insight into the most important expressions of Colombian culture,” Schneiderman adds.

Journeys handcrafted by Schneiderman, offer three opportunities this year for travelers to feel the lively beats of Colombia and discover the country’s culture, history, and people through sound:

  • NEW! Rhythms of Colombia
  • Petronio Alvarez Music Festival
  • Dance Colombia

From the marimba rhythms on the Pacific Coast, to the upbeat cumbia and vallenato rhythms of the Caribbean coast in Cartagena – From dance lessons in Cali where travelers from across the globe escape to dance with top instructors, to stops in Barranquilla, the hometown of international superstar Shakira, where the group will visit the Piez Descalzos Foundation that was established by the famed star. And, from dancing the night away under the tropical breezes and moonlit nights to attending music festivals such as the renowned Petronio Alvarez – each tour offers unique and unforgettable cultural experiences from coast to coast.

Explore the Rhythms of Colombia

Rhythms of Colombia: Pacific to Caribbean

In collaboration with Jacob Edgar, popular music producer, music researcher and founder of the international record label and concert booking agency, Cumbancha, Tia Stephanie Tours will present the wide-ranging rhythms of Colombia soon. Destinations will include: Cali, Pacific Coast, Barranquilla/Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast and the Islands of San Andres and Providencia, and include:

  • Traveling from the Pacific to the Caribbean to learn about and sway to Colombia’s rhythms
  • Learning about the ways in which music is an integral cultural expression and historic legacy in Colombia
  • Gatherings with Colombia’s leading regional, national and international musicians
  • Listening to the rhythmic sounds of the marimba de palma chonta instrument from Pacific Colombia
  • Hearing songs from the Grammy Award-winning folkloric cumbia group Gaiteros de San Jacinto
  • Learning some salsa, champeta and mapale dance moves
  • Visiting San Basilio Palenque, a singular Afro-Caribbean Community near Cartagena
  • Visiting Barranquilla, hometown of Shakira and Carlos Vives
  • Hearing the rhythms of the classic and contemporary vallenato genre from the country’s Caribbean region
  • Traveling to the Islands of San Andres and Providencia to hear island and reggae Music

Petronio Alvarez Music Festival

Now in its 22nd year, the renowned Petronio Alvarez Music Festival allows festival-goers to become immersed in the mesmerizing rhythms of Pacific Colombia.

The tour dates has been set for August 16th-24th 2018 (7 nights), visiting Cali and Cartagena. Highlights include:

  • Traveling to Cali to explore the vibrant capital of Valle de Cauca
  • Enjoying a salsa dance class and immersion in the salsa dancing of Cali
  • Participating in workshops held by musicians in the Petronio Alvarez Festival
  • Attending the Festival del Pacifico Petronio Alvarez to sway to the rhythms of Pacific Colombia
  • Touring the colonial city, Cartagena, to learn about what life was like in the Colonial Period
  • Exploring Cartagena’s oldest neighbourhoods
  • Traveling to San Basilio Palenque to learn about the first free slave community of the Americas from leaders in the community
  • Visiting the stunning Gold Museums in Cartagena & Cali to learn about the early ancestors prior to the arrival of the Spaniards
  • Relaxing in the clear waters of the Islas del Rosario

Dance Colombia

The new Dance Colombia Tour is available anytime, on demand (8 days, 7 nights), visiting Cali  and Cartagena, and the highlights include:

  • Attending the “Delirio” Dance & Music extravaganza to learn about this history of Colombia through its music and dance.
  • Taking salsa dance classes in Cali to learn how to dance to this popular and infectious rhythm. People come from all over the world to learn how to salsa dance in Cali.
  • Touring Cali to visit its museums and markets. The Gold Museum is delightful. We’ll also enjoy the delicious cuisine from the Valle de Cauca and Pacific Coast regions.
  • Going to dance clubs at night to practice our dance steps. Similar to Dancing with the Stars, visitors will see our progression and improvement!
  • Touring the charming walled city of Cartagena, visiting its neighbourhoods, learning of its history and enjoying the highlights, museums, and restaurants of the ever more popular destination on the Caribbean coast.
  • Visiting the Islands of Rosario off the coast of Cartagena by boat. Visitors will enjoy the white sandy beaches, blue water and shore birds on these islands!

Tia Stephanie Tours is a boutique travel operator, based in Ann Arbor, MI, specializing in cultural tourism to Colombia. Since 2006, the company has offered independent itineraries and group tours for curious travelers, affinity organizations, museums and university alumni associations. In April 2015, their Day of the Dead in Michoacán tour was selected as a National Geographic “Trip of a Lifetime.” The company has also been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Travel + Leisure, as well as all of the major travel trade press. Founder Stephanie Schneiderman is a Conde Nast Traveler “Top Travel Specialist” for Mexico.

Post source : Tia Stephanie Tours

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