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Adventures and smouldering volcanoes in Central Java
Photo Credit To Vasenka Photography

Adventures and smouldering volcanoes in Central Java

Adventures and smouldering volcanoes in Central Java

Backyard Travel is a boutique tour operator specializing in insider tours throughout Asia. They have just put together a spellbinding new tour through Central Java in Indonesia. A dynamic journey that passes between smouldering volcanic peaks, through peaceful rural villages and into the hearts of vibrant cities, this week-long adventure showcases all of Central Java’s must-see sites.

The 8-day, 7-night Journey into Java tour launches from the former-Dutch port city of Semarang, before winding south through coffee plantations and rice fields to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Borobudur.

From this epic temple complex, the trip continues through the peaceful villages of the Javanese Highlands to the cultural heart at Yogyakarta, and its charming twin city, Surakarta.

Java Volcano - Photo by Cuno de Boer
Javanese Volcano – Photo by Cuno de Boer

After a train ride to Trowulan, the ancient capital of the Majapahit Kingdom, travellers head to Mount Bromo to watch sunrise over its caldera before riding a horse up to its crater rim. This incredible Javanese journey concludes in the modern port city of Surabaya.

The Bromo - Photo by Tiomax80
The Bromo – Photo by Tiomax80

“Java still holds a great deal of mystique to the modern traveller,” says General Manager of Backyard Travel, Trystan Trestchenkoff. “Far from the frenetic streets of Jakarta, Central Java is home to ancient wonders, otherworldly landscapes and enchanting cultural troves, offering travellers jaw-dropping scenery and one-of-a-kind experiences every step of the way.”

Post source : Backyard Travel

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