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Kevin Costner’s “Horizon: An American Saga” Set to Ignite Utah Tourism

Kevin Costner’s “Horizon: An American Saga” Set to Ignite Utah Tourism

Kevin Costner’s “Horizon: An American Saga” Set to Ignite Utah Tourism

As the eagerly awaited release of Kevin Costner’s latest epic, “Horizon: An American Saga,” draws near, anticipation is mounting not just among film enthusiasts but also within the travel industry.

Scheduled for UK release on June 28 and August 16, with 2 more instalments to follow, this cinematic masterpiece is set against the backdrop of Utah’s stunning landscapes, promising to propel the state into the limelight as a premier “set-jetting” destination.

Utah’s Cinematic Backdrops: A Visual Feast

Critics have hailed “Horizon” for its visual splendour, showcasing two of Utah’s famed national parks, Arches and Zion, alongside its majestic wilderness. Filming locations spanning Grand County and Washington County are primed to attract film aficionados and adventure seekers alike, drawn to the raw beauty immortalized on screen.

Jeremy Timms, Managing Director of Frontier America, reflects on the impact: “Utah’s captivating landscapes will undoubtedly ignite a newfound interest in exploring the state. ‘Horizon’ is set to generate a substantial boost to tourism, with its breath-taking cinematography amplifying the allure of ‘set-jetting’.”

Kevin Costner's "Horizon: An American Saga" Set to Ignite Utah Tourism

Exploring Utah: A “Star Studded Journey”

Beginning in Salt Lake City, the 15-night “Star Studded Journey: The Canyons of Utah” is a fly-drive experience that explores several iconic backdrops from a range of movies and the Sundance Mountain Resort.

Utah’s adventure capital, Moab, is a Horizon set-jetting highlight. Prior to the tour concluding in Las Vegas, Frontier America suggests adding on two nights in St. George—the picturesque city is one of the prominent filming locations—with the opportunity to visit the nearby Snow Canyon State Park, the Paiute Indian Reservation, and the Pine Valley Mountains, where parts of Costner’s tetralogy were also shot. There are year-round departures, with tailor-made tour pricing on request.

Tailored Experiences: From Vegas to the Rockies

Alternatively, journey from Las Vegas to Denver on a Rocky Mountaineer holiday. The 10-night itinerary incorporates visits to several parks in Utah, many of which are close to key filming locations.

Zion National Park is only an hour’s drive from St. George, and Moab is a mere 5 miles from the entrance to Arches National Park. The Rocky Mountaineer journey runs from Moab through to the “Mile High City,” with an overnight stop in Glenwood Springs.

The 10-night Guided Tour on the Rocky Mountaineer from £4,995pp (two sharing) with Frontier America, including all accommodation, two days on the train in Silverleaf service, accommodation, some meals, transfers, guided tours, and return flights. April through October departures.

As a bonus for set-jetters, the Horizon crew is set to return to Utah and resume filming this autumn. Simona Sacrifizi, travel writer and USA specialist, comments: “While there are no exact dates and locations available just yet, filming will likely take place in the Zion and St. George areas between September and October.”

Kevin Costner's "Horizon: An American Saga" Set to Ignite Utah Tourism

Planning Your Trip: What to Expect

Whether you’re a film buff or a nature enthusiast, Utah’s allure extends beyond the silver screen. Here’s what to consider when planning your “Horizon” inspired adventure:

  • Seasonal Considerations: Filming in autumn offers a unique chance to witness Utah’s landscapes in a different light.
  • Local Attractions: Beyond film sites, discover hidden gems like Snow Canyon State Park and Paiute Indian Reservation.
  • Travel Logistics: Ensure seamless travel arrangements with Frontier America’s expertise in fly-drive and guided tour options.

Utah Stands Ready to Welcome Travellers

With “Horizon: An American Saga” poised to dazzle audiences worldwide, Utah stands ready to welcome travellers eager to experience its cinematic landscapes first-hand.

Whether embarking on a guided tour or a bespoke adventure, the state’s natural beauty and rich history promise an unforgettable journey. For those inspired by the silver screen, Utah’s “set-jetting” appeal is set to soar, marking a new chapter in the intersection of film and travel.

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