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Top 10 Gap Year destinations for 2019
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Top 10 Gap Year destinations for 2019

Top 10 Gap Year destinations for 2019

Every year hundreds of thousands of students from all over the world bugger off for a gap year before they immerse themselves in further education or find a job.

There is also an increasing trend of older people taking a year off work to get involved in charity work or just explore the world.

Here at buggeroff.com we’ve come up with our top 10 Gap Year destinations which offer a wide variety of experiences.

Gap Year USA


The US is huge, has every kind of landscape you can think of and with a massive diversity of cultures it really is a great place to travel around and explore. Experience the American dream first hand with urban inner city adventures or go wild-west and experience cowboy life first hand.

Gap Year Argentina


Often overlooked for gap years, Argentina is a wonderful destination with lots to do and experience. Bordering Brazil to the North with rain forests, Patagonia, glaciers and penguins to the South, the magnificent Andes and salt deserts to the west and the fantastic culture of Buenos Aires. Hope you like steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gap Year Fiji


For decades Fiji has been the top gap year destination in the world. Offering hundreds of islands and plenty of activities there is all manner of experiences both on land and under the sea to explore.

Gap Year India


An up and coming gap year destination, India is a huge country of diversity, history, culture and great food! The public transport system is fantastically hectic and there is something for everyone and every budget. A great place for volunteering, hiking up a mountain or just lazing on the beach.

Gap Year Peru


The most popular gap year destination in South America, Peru borders the Amazon jungle and boasts the Nazca lines, Lake Titicaca and the famous Machu Picchu in the Andes. Peru is really set-up for back-packers and is great for hikers and explorers.

Gap Year Russia


With a vast array of cultures, history and landscapes, Russia is gaining a reputation as a gap year destination that draws serious travellers looking for new experiences. The largest country in the world, the Russian Federation spans nine time zones, borders thirteen countries and covers an eighth of the earth’s land mass. Something for everyone!

Gap Year Tanzania


For the African experience Tanzania is the destination for Safari Parks and trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities and lots of wildlife and adventures to experience.

Gap Year Australia


An ever popular destination, Australia is a big country with a wide diversity of landscapes, cultures and adventures. The public travel system is excellent and the train journeys across the vast interior are a must.

Gap Year Vietnam


Quickly taking over from Thailand as the top destination, Vietnam has a great deal to offer whether volunteering, exploring or looking for off the beaten track adventures.

Gap Year China


An untapped destination for a gap year, China has so much to offer the adventurous traveller who wants to experience a country that has not been exposed to the travellers and world culture. A vast country, China now has a fantastic train system and is really affordable. There are lots of volunteering opportunities and is a great destination to work your way around.

Post source : Buggeroff.com

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