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Travel website seeks Travel Professionals to write paid guest articles
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Travel website seeks Travel Professionals to write paid guest articles

Travel website seeks Travel Professionals to write paid guest articles

Travel professionals are invited to build their online footprint writing guest articles as paid travel authors.

The Review Resorts website needs travel content and if you need to establish yourself online as a destination expert they will pay US$40 per well written travel article published on their website about vacation experiences, destinations, Hawaii and Mexico beach hotel reviews and cruise ship reviews that feature your inside knowledge and experience along with your advice and opinion.

After your fourth article is published they will pay US$65 per article. This offer is an excellent opportunity to create an additional revenue stream and help establish you as a published travel expert.

If you are a Travel Agent, Review Resorts invites you to work together as they need content and you need to build your brand. Publishing articles on a website such as REVIEW RESORTS will help increase your online footprint and build credibility.

If you are a Travel Writer, you may be looking for outlets to publish articles to establish yourself as a top-tier travel author or thought-leader. Review Resorts is the perfect marketing platform to help you establish yourself as a travel thought-leader.

George Oberle, Founder of Review Resorts stated: “Content marketing is a proven method of building business. We created the Review Resorts marketing platform with the idea of providing Travel Professionals an opportunity to brand themselves as destination experts and create an alternative revenue stream for doing so.”

Travel website seeks Travel Professionals to write paid guest articles

Review Resorts will pay US$40 per article if guest travel authors meet the following criteria:

  • Article must provide in-depth travel knowledge the author acquired by traveling to the destination or on the cruise ship.
  • Author promotes travel or recreation industry as a Travel Agent, Travel Writer, Blogger or works for a Recreation Resort or Destination Tour or Travel Company.
  • Has or works for a company with a website dedicated to Travel, Recreation or Leisure.
  • The article must be written specifically for Review Resorts and not posted on any other website.
  • Article must be well written, grammatically correct and in American English.
  • Article is a minimum of 1,000 words or longer.
  • Includes at least one (1) picture the author took themselves (no stock images) while visiting the destination or on the cruise.
  • Please review the Guest Author Guidelines to submit an article. We reserve the right to accept or reject articles at our discretion.

“One of the areas we spent a ton of development time was building the Guest Author Bios to help promote our contributing authors as thought leaders and experts in their travel niche” stated Oberle. The Author Bio pages feature a beautiful layout, the author’s head-shot, professional bio and links to their website and social media sites. For an example, take a look at this example of an Author Bio page.

The Review Resorts website is dedicated to promoting travel and recreation. “Sell the Experience” by writing 1,000 to 1,500 word guest author articles describing the travel experiences you sell. Add a few of your own pictures to help tell the story.

Possible articles:

  • Destination Reviews with an emphasis on the local food and nightlife (ala: Anthony Bourdain).
  • International Travel & Touring
  • Cruise Ship Reviews
  • Hawaii Hotel Reviews & Things to do in the islands
  • Mexico Beach Resort Reviews and fun things to do
  • RV Life & Camping Resort Reviews

Post source : Review Resorts

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Anthony has worked and travelled the world extensively and has design and Marketing Management experience in the retail travel industry.

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